Opto Moonshine Bite (6913291714625)

Opto Moonshine Bite

7 Glide
-1 Turn
0 Fade
Latitude 64
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Do you want a dog disc that can take a beating? Look no further. The Bite is the latest in dog disc technology to hit the canine sports arena. Using experience from production of the World’s premiere disc golf products, Latitude 64° has developed the Bite to all dogs and dog owners in need of a disc that can handle a beating. A reliable neutral flight, combined with puncture resistant material has deeply impressed Latitude 64's test panel. Try it out yourself and prepare to be amazed!

Bite is made from an ultra-strong, non-toxic, FDA approved, pet-safe material used for many high performance and high stress products. In fact, its most often used by medical device companies.

Stamp color is black.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
MCJolley (Portland, US)
Great for dog, and for form work!

Great glide for a dog disc and very durable-but this is NOT a chew toy! Flows well, too. You get a 2 in 1 tool here-good for your dog, and very telling on your bad form in throws, haha. Great disc.

shay p. (Stockholm, SE)
Doggy disk

Thank you for the fast service and quality product. Our pups first freebe.. be on the look out for a champion blue heeler freesbe dog.

Bill (Mt. Pleasant, US)
Move over Sonic

In opto moonshine it’s the perfect disc golf utility disc. Forget the polecat, Sonic, and glitch. This fills all those same spots better with a more comfortable grip, better weight and slightly better stability. I would put this at a 1/7/-1/1

christian k. (Forchheim, DE)
does not work as expected

does not glow long enough in a useable manner outdoors at evening/night,

Seth P. (Kirkland, US)
Great disc

I really enjoy 5his disc for warming up. It is really nice to be able to fit another disc inside so it takes little to no bag space. In glow this disc is even better than before! This disc Flys very well and the glide is outstanding! Personally my favorite of its type of disc.