Supreme Series

The Dynamic Discs Supreme Series takes disc golf quality to a superior level with the innovative NexEdge and NexFeel technologies that Latitude 64 introduced with the Royal Line. The Supreme Series enhances the look and feel of the disc and is, without question, the highest quality product that we offer. Sharp edges or flashing are a thing of the past with the differences being noticed immediately with the NexEdge process that provides a buttery smooth feel on the bottom and outer parts of the rim. Want a superior product? The Supreme Series is exactly what you have been looking for.



The days of sharp flashing are gone. The Supreme Series will have a smooth feel on the outer and bottom part of the rim thanks to the innovative NexEdge trimming process that Latitude 64 perfected with the Royal Line.


A Dynamic polish process and technology enhances the grip on the plastic surface to provide a superior grip in all conditions. The Supreme Series plastic features the optimal feel and flex in each mold that is produced in the series.


Superior grip, durability, and comfort make the Supreme plastic the highest quality on the market. No matter the outside conditions, you can rely on Supreme giving you an advantage on the course with your midranges and drivers. It features a soft feel and a rigid rim with perfect flex.

Classic Supreme is the grippy putt and approach plastic in our Supreme Line. The combination of a sturdy feel and great grip gives you an edge in your putt and approach game. It features more grip and more durability compared to Prime and Classic.

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