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Based on 4571 reviews

Too early to tell but amazing quality

Great quality but doesn’t fly like my other warship. More overstable and less glide

Opto Air Maul
Marty H. (Powell, US)
Opto air maul

Marty age 56 Been throwing for about three years I have a slow arm the opto air maul is a great disc for people like me it goes straight and glides for ever.Great disc for wood courses. I would recommend it for beginners and intermediate. I just wish they would release more for the people in the US. Keep up the good work Latitude 64. I will be ordering some spares just in case I lose this one.

Opto-Ice Trident - 15 Year Anniversary

Glows in the dark !!!!

I had no clue the Opto moonshine anchor glowed in the dark until it was night time , very impressed

Grand Brave
Nick (Minneapolis, US)
So Much Glide!!

Love this disc. Prototype was more understable than the flight numbers turned out to be, so I'm very eager to throw my first run. Curious what happened to the First Run stamp? Also, White Disc with a Turquoise stamp should be a staple on every run. Please and Thank You!!

Grand Brave
Johan M. (Malmo, SE)
Just straight

Excellent disc, love the royal line and this one just goes far, goes straight, doesn't roll over. Very nice :)

Grand Brave
Eric E. (Gothenburg, SE)
Ohh the distance!

As a beginner and have just made Fuse tern to much, this disc is wonder!
Making it flip and se it fly gives the chill every time!
A must have disc.

Opto-Ice Orbit Diamond
Patrik R. (Lysvik, SE)
Opto ice diamond

Just perfect!

VIP Kids Crown
Wayne B. (Christchurch, NZ)
Awesome Disc

Really nice stamp and a straight flying putter

Fuzion Orbit Escape Kona Panis
Josh M. (Colonial Heights, US)
Great edition to the bag

This disc has been great for myself and my girlfriend with the BOGO deal. She uses it largely for max distance and I use it mainly for a tight S shot in the woods. The plastic is good with a premium feel while still having good grip.

Hi Josh,

Thank you for the review.
I'm happy to hear that both you and your girlfriend are enjoing the Fuzion Orbit Escape Kona Panis. :)

Fluid Justice - Macie Velediaz Team Series
Thomas B. (Jacksonville, US)

Fluid Justice - Macie Velediaz Team Series

Lucid-Ice Orbit Justice
Louise N. (Stockholm, SE)

Lucid-Ice Orbit Justice

Gold Bolt
Joe H. (Asheville, US)

I have lost two of them already. I have two more ordered. They fly longer than I can make any other disc fly. Unfortunately I can also make them fly in any random direction…it’s the only disc that I have that I’ll order before I leave the parking lot if I lose it (twice)

Hi Joe,

Thank you for the review.
I'm happy to hear you are enjoying the Gold Bolt. :)

Pure Hoodie
Eric B. (Havelock, US)
Great fit!

Quality material and very comfortable!

Explorer Hoodie
Stephen P. (Globe, US)
Slimming and Sexy

This hoodie fits me nicely. The form fitting design is still spacious but doesn't look bulky, and I love it!

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for the review.
Great to hear that you enjoy the Explorer Hoodie. :)

Surprisingly flippy

Really great flight. I have a lower arm speed so this is a perfect entry disc for adding distance. Love the plastic too

Hi Will,

Thank you for your review.
I'm glad you are enjoying the Tournament Burst King. :)

Gold Decodye Ballista Pro
Stefano S. (Serravalle Pistoiese, IT)

Gold Decodye Ballista Pro

Opto Moonshine Jade
Svenja R. (Hamburg, DE)
Super easy disc

Glows very Long

Hello Svenja,

Thank you for your review.
I'm not sure that your words really match the 1 star though, did you mean to give it one star? :)

VIP-X Underworld
Jesper K.
As aspected

Great but not over the moon

Hello Jesper,

Thank you for the review. :)

Gold River
Johnny P. (Karlshamn, SE)
perfect approach disc.

The best disc in my bag.

Hello Johnny,

Thank you for the review.
I'm happy to hear that you enjoy the Gold River. :)

Nice glide and super looks

Super disc for tunnel shots where distance is needed. Design 5star! Thanks Latitude

Fantastic disc

Great colour and disc flys fantastic

Kristin Tattar 2023 Grand Slam Box
Fantastic box of discs

Great discs and the colours are unreal