VIP Sorcerer (6764884197441)
VIP Sorcerer (6764884197441)
VIP Sorcerer (6764884197441)
VIP Sorcerer (6764884197441)
VIP Sorcerer (6764884197441)

VIP Sorcerer

5 Glide
-0.5 Turn
3 Fade
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The Sorcerer is Westside's answer for a high speed disc for all skill levels. With a smaller grip than most high speed discs, the Sorcerer leaves the hand fast. For professional players, it is great for long anhyzers that actually come back when it runs out of speed. The Sorcerer provides a nice long “S” curve line. For lower arm speeds, the Sorcerer will actually get flat and glide before diving to the left. Many drivers designed for slower arm speeds have poor flight integrity. The sorcerer will give you that “pro throw” you have been looking for on the course.

Speed: 13 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -0.5 | Fade: 3

Super-durable hi-tech plastic with excellent performance. VIP plastic is transparent so you can see through it. Discs made in VIP-plastic maintain their flight characteristics and reliability for a long time.

Product images may differ slightly from actual product. Shade of disc color may vary (for example, blue can be baby blue or sky blue). Foil stamp color are assorted, unless otherwise stated.

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Customer Reviews

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Göran (Gothenburg, SE)
Westside VIP Sorcerer

Excellent disc for long slighty s-shaped drives.
One of my favorite drivers from Westside.
The other one is of course The Boatman. ;)

Best regards/Göran!