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Opto Pioneer - Silver Lätt Signed

3 Glide
0 Turn
4 Fade
Fairway Driver
Fairway Driver
Limited Design
Disc Color :
Weight :

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Plastic: Opto. Weight: 173g+. Disc color: Turquoise. Foil color: Turquoise.

Disc/foil color info: Product images may differ slightly from actual product. Shade of disc color may vary (for example, blue can be baby blue or sky blue). Foil stamp color are assorted. 

When you're first on the tee and the wind hits your face, you need something you can trust. The Pioneer is an overstable fairway driver made for reliability and consistency. It has a flat top which makes it a great choice for sidearms. With a good amount of speed and a strong fade it is a versatile tool in any bag.
Speed: 9, Glide: 3, Turn: 0, Fade: 4.

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Opto Pioneer - Silver Lätt Signed
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