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Gold-Ice Fuse
Calin M. (Brussels, BE)
Great disc

I love how the plastic feels and the disc performs really well

Glides for days

A bit stiffer than Opto River, so therefore I'm not using it in cold weather. Otherwise same flight characteristics, i.e. understable (not flippy) with extremely good glide and almost no fade. Very useful and reliable. Tip: try use the River for long forehand anhyzer lines, thrown from stand still. Can help your scramble game and save you strokes in the woods. Equally good for long, sweaping backhand anhyzer lines, and mild hyzer to flat throws. Often use the River instead of dd:s. It can go amazingly far (not good in head wind though)! Will always have a place in my bag.

VIP Stag
Fabian G. (Skurup, SE)
Stag VIP 169 gram

Lazer straight with a slight turn and minimal fade.

DG Luxury E4 Backpack
Erki L. (Tallinn, EE)
Positive initial experience, ~1 month in

Size, carrying comfort and versatility are as good as expected. Love the putter compartment.

Pleasantly surprised by the main compartment divider, makes organizing discs easier, could even use another one.

Also, the bottom seems to be holding well with winter snow/water rounds. Support "legs" are spaced out nicely and I have not had any issues with balance while placing the bag on the course.

Grand Rive - Silver Lätt
Sander R. (Tallinn, EE)
Even better than I hoped!


Opto Bolt
Chris H. (Seattle, US)
Soooo flippy

So I had an old bolt in frost plastic and every so often I would get a super max distance line with it 400ft+ when my average is 350ft. Wanted to try a brand new one so chose Opto and it is so flippy. I can throw it on hyzer and still get a roller out of it. Might be a great roller disc but no giant long range S lines I was hoping for. Great color ( orange) and great service and shipping from Lat. would recommend for someone with 250-300ft of distance and expect 40+ft to your longest drive .

Royal 3-Pack Factory Second

Opto Saint
Leo F. (Skellefteå, SE)
One of my first discs

This was one of my first fairway drivers i bought, and i have been using it since. I love the disc!

Opto Keystone
Damien K. (Melbourne, AU)

To have the keystone in a throwing plastic is truly amazing, slightly more overstable than the zero plastics, but still a beautiful flight out of the box.
A few more of these may be in order.

DG Luxury E4 Backpack
Ako.I (Helsinki, FI)
Shoulder straps

For ur next luxury bag, try to make those shoulderstraps bigger and more soft, me eho casually plays that4 rounds per day. The next morning when i wake up my back hurts a long time before it cracks and same thing happens everyday, i dont know is the padding just gone away while playing or is it just because it does not have that much padding, but still, like ur bag very much!!

Opto-X Glimmer River
D. D. (Mechanicsville, US)
Maybe the best disc in my bag

The feel of the plastic on this disc is amazing. Its ever so slightly more domed and understable compared to the Opto River or hybrid River. I had only thrown this disc once or twice in the field before throwing it off of Tee Box #1 at the last sanctioned tournament, and it flew straight and true and glided perfectly down to the basket 292 feet away and parked itself 8 feet out. I love this disc.

VIP-X Ghost Warship II

This disc fly forever😳

Grand Savior - Prototype
D.L. (Valrico, US)
Approach disc that was lacking in Lat 64 line-up

Overstable disc that fits between a Sinus and Anchor. Really excels at forehand with the grippy Royal plastic and board-flat top. Enough stability to fly true in the wind. More shallow than a Harp, the depth, shape and flight very similar to a Culprit.

Easy-Go E2 Backpack
Henrik S. (Fristad, SE)

Great stuff and fast delivery

Recycled Diamond
gene d. (Murray, US)
Nothing but a Diamond !!

Love these disc. My got to every hole. !!!

Gold-Ice Fuse
Chris B. (Hudsonville, US)
Accurate and sticky

Slightly heavier, slightly less glide and not much ground play. Otherwise it’s a fuse, it beats in slower than gold and the grip is amazing. Good compliment to an opto or opto ice fuse.

Hybrid River - Croc
Chris B. (Hudsonville, US)
Reminds me of a River…

It’s a river so it glides with forward momentum and typically goes as far as my 9 speeds. Hybrid is by far my favorite plastic as it’s grippy and feels awesome. Please fill an entire ship with hybrid rivers and sail it over to the states.

Opto Bolt
Pimpy L. (Durham, US)
I don’t have the arm/form

I think this disc will be fucking nasty once I get my form right. As it stands now I just don’t have the arm to get it to work like it’s supposed to.

Opto Core
Michael W. (Cleveland, US)
Where has this been all my life?

Super underrated disc here! Has the tiniest of flips so it goes super far for my intermeidate arm speed, but has reliable stability! If you put it on a baby anny, it holds it for the majority of the flight with a reliable fade. On a baby hyzer, it flips up perfectly and soars. Getting more.

Hybrid Maiden
Michael W. (Cleveland, US)
New favorite throwing putter and approach disc

This plastic also feels utterly amazing. I love my Tournament-X Matty-O Maiden, but it was just a little too stable for my arm speed to manipulate the way I wanted to. Off the tee, this hybrid maiden flips up just a little, meaning it can just go dead straight perfectly or hold a nice anhyzer. Buying more.

Zero Medium Keystone
Jan-Hendrik R. (Lüneburg, DE)
Putting Putter with great grip

Love the glidey Keystone as a putting Putter and Zero plastic has amazing grip.

Easy-Go E2 Backpack
Seth F. (Davenport, US)
Light weight bag for full time use

The E2 Backpack is exactly what I was looking for in a bag. It has heavy-duty materials to stand up to constant use but is lightweight enough not to weigh me down during those long rounds on the course. I am looking forward to many rounds of disc golf with this bag!


For me if I throw this disc at about 80% power it will glide forever and stay straight the entire way above about 80% power the disc will give me an s-curve which is great for the glide to work the disc even further. A great disc even for a slow arm like me.

Royal 3-Pack Factory Second
Kath (Wellington, NZ)
Royal 3 pack

Great discs and only small visual flaws
Still fly great and feel great