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Best thing

Love my diamond I actually have several diamonds they are my favorite

Zero Gravity Saint
Jocke N. (Stockholm, SE)
Bra nybörjar disc

Lätt kastad o får långa kast. 👍🏻


Great flight, feels good

Great Disc

Second time buying one, it is an awesome disc.

Grand Burst Brave - Johannes Edition
Charles M. (Hagerstown, US)
Johannes Brave

Such a smooth flying disc. Fits right in with my ability. Great logo and like Johannes said in one of the videos, I have to remember what the disc says.... to have fun.

Zero Gravity Pure
Ian R. (Austinburg, US)
The easiest Disc to throw!

If you’ve been using heavier discs, it might be time to try out the Zero Gravity line! Especially the Pure, it’s so easy to get some extra distance on your putts.

Love the brave. It's the best disc to come out for quite a while.

Bästa FD som finns

Grand Strive
Sten M. (Tallinn, EE)
New Favourite

This disc got my backhand shots even better than before (before i was forehand player).

Hello Sten,

Thank you for your review.

I'm happy to hear that the Strive has helped you improve your backhand shots! :)

Mr. L. (Detroit, US)
These glasses are dope!

I love mine! Stylish and comfortable. Yet affordable, latitude swag!!! 😎

Hello Mr. L,

Thank you for your review.
I'm happy to hear that you like the sunglasses! :) I'll cross my fingers that the sun will shine on you all summer long!

Opto-Ice Orbit Diamond
Gudbrandur J. (Reykjavik, IS)
Best shop online

Best shop I have ever buyer discs from, they are quick and disc are awesome.

Hello Gudbrandur,

Thank you for your review.
I'm really happy to hear that you feel satisfied with our shop! :)

Very nice bag

Grand CC Grace - Jonathan Edition

Refuge Backpack
Fride V.F. (Oslo, NO)

Refuge Backpack

Slim Shoulder Bag
MB (Jessheim, NO)
The Perfect little bag

Just what I was looking for, a small and easy way to carry my discs + a little extra :)

Jonathans grace

Realy Nice disc! 2cnd throw delivered an ace

Hi J.N,

Thank you for your review.
I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying the Grace. Great to hear that you got an ace! :)

Blank Gold River
Drazen J. (Rotterdam, NL)
Great plastic for dyeing

It holds the color well and is keeps it vibrant :)
Hoping we get even more molds in blank (the other 2 in the picture are a Pure and a Sapphire)


Great flying disc!!! Even better design!!!

Great disc!

Great feel. Throws true to flight chart. Definitely a bagger.

Opto Saint
christophe c. (Trangé, FR)

J'ai bien reçu le disc, mais je pense ne pas avoir reçu le bon disc.
je pensai avoir demandé un disc en 165 grs et j'ai reçu en 173 grs..
cordialement Christophe

Bonjour Christophe,

Thank you for your review.

I'm so sorry to hear that.
Please provide me with your order number and I will look into it.

VIP-X Warship
Göran (Gothenburg, SE)
Westside VIP-X Warship

Very similar flight pattern as the regular VIP version of Warship.
Medium powered forehand is fine, gives a very straight flight.
Has a place in my bag for sure, possibly best for backhand throwers.

Best regards/Göran!

Zero Gravity Pure

Ordered Saint, Explorer, Fuse, and Pure for my 8-year-old son. He was throwing 150g discs prior to these. When he threw the Zero-G Saint for the first time, his eyes were sparkling with excitement. He was so happy that he can actually throw with less effort. These discs definitely were the best confidence booster that he needed.

Grand Strive
Trond R. (Steinkjer, NO)

This disc became an instant favourite, I might have to retire my Bolt. :)

Hey Trond,

Thank you for your review.

Great to hear that you are enjoying the Grand Strive! :)