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Opto-Ice Striker
Roland J. (Angered, SE)
Good for me

I don’t throw far, just about 60-70 meters, but this striker is straight flying for me, not much different from other similar discs though :)

Beginner Starter Pack

I love all the discs. I have done much better with these.

VIP Kids Giant
Nathan M. (Fairfield, US)

Became my go to over stable driver as soon as I threw it

Best discs ever

I love both Grace and Trust they're just perfect, but the Faith is decent because it's for bigger hands then mine.

Core Pro E2 Backpack
Annika B. (Akersberga, SE)
The bag has everything you want!

I have used this bag for a month now and it has really lived up to my expectations. Lot’s of pockets for discs, mini, phone, putters, towels, umbrella and miscellaneous. I love it!

Zero Hard Dagger

Ultimate Catch
George S. (Beech Island, US)

I bought this just for a play catch Frisbee. My daughter and I love it. Had to get use to throwing a Frisbee style disc again because it can't handle the torque of throwing it like a disc but once we powered down we realized it only takes a nice little flick to send it flying nice and smooth.

Opto Maul
Jason S. (Auckland, NZ)

Hey thanks latitude 64 I was struggling with a relabel under stable fear way and was recommended the opto maul wow whit a disc mint 👌looking at replacing more of me disc with latitude cheers see ya in the park

Flexfit® Baseball Cap
Stephen P. (Westborough, US)
Nice hat

Love the hat great fit and quality. Would like to see more of the flexfit hats maybe with disc stamp designs on them that would be next level imo.

Opto Glimmer Jade
John N. (Dallas, US)
Excellent jade

Disc is absolutely beautiful, I call her sparkles! Order arrived on time. Will buy again!

VIP Gatekeeper - Halloween
Jesper L. (Bromma, SE)
Straight as an arrow

Goes straight and, for me, just as far as most of my 5 speed discs (i.e. Mako 3, Buzz). This disc has replaced my Roc's (DX, KC Pro) for those straight shots around 70-85 meters. Next level, speedwise, is Trust and Fuse.

Perfect ratio speed-fade

This disc has replaced my Thunderbirds and Firebirds. It goes far, more like a 10 speed, but still has a dependable fade. If I want more fade I choose Pioneer or Fortress. Love ghis plastic, love this disc!

Fantastic disc with an even better design!

Love the sapphire. Absolute straight shooter of a disc and these inverted stamps are beautiful!

Best control driver on the market!

Holds a line with predictable fade at the end. Flips up and rides!

Pure line

The saint pro has always been that fairway drive with a good line, now this one is just a pure line. If you really rip it, yes, it will flip over, so just release it with great form and it flies like john E threw it. It soars.

What disc is that??

Very easy to control angle and get different flight patterns. Great disc for long drives in wooded courses.

VIP Kids Hatchet
Erik t.R.
Hatchet - High quality understable driver

I'm a recreational player since the late 70's. I find the Westside Hatchet to be a great flippy disc perfect for turnovers or hyzer flip to straight flights ending with a limited amount of fade. The rim is relatively thin for a 9 speed driver but that fits my short thick fingers really nice. I love the kids themed stamp! Adds great character to the Westside line of discs. Quality of the mold and stamp are second to none. This company has quality dialed! The only negative, which is true with all manufacturers, some of my favorite molds are made often enough due to their relative popularity. Please try and keep a few of every molds available at least once a year or two, even the less popular. Love the Trilogy family! Keep up the great work you do. Maybe we'll do in and see you sometime when we travel to the old country. Cheers! Erik the Red

Royal 3-Pack Factory Second
Dima (Tallinn, EE)
Great bundle but...

...HOW did I get so unlucky with the colors? If that Grace flies into tall grass (and it will, cause I suck) I will never find it :D Finding the Trust will be pretty challenging as well, but it's a midrange, so I'm hoping I can throw it better. Other than that it's a great bundle at a great price. Can't wait to try them out :)

Didnt test it yet

Since the speed is quiet high my gf didnt bring this one to any court yet

Lucid Verdict
Jan (Hamburg, DE)
Very reliable straight midrange

Surprisingly far going for it's stability. Perfect for forehand. I love it!

Gold-Ice Trident
Damien (Orlando, US)
Trident is a Workhorse for me

I LOVE the Trident and use it forehand and backhand. For me it is especially good as a reliable forehand disc from 200 to 240. The Gold version, as expected, is just slightly less overstable and gives me a bit more distance.

Very nice!

Love the disc!

Great disc great service

Always fantastic plastic and the best customer service

Opto Ballista
Darrian C. (Charlotte, US)
4hand only beast

People love to see me send my 14speed Ballista down tight fairways 400ft +. It just goes straight, and in a hurry!

**Not for public posting**

Hello, I would like to comment on the weights of shipped discs, but not have this posted as a public review - thanks. So, the disc in question here is a fantastic, beautiful disc! and I’m glad to have it. However, it was advertised as falling into a weight range of 165 to 169, and as I’ve been buying discs more on the lighter side these days, I was hoping for the lower end weight. When I weighed the disc on two scales I have, which are usually very close to the noted disc weights, it showed 171+g. This is no big worry and I don’t need to do an exchange or anything. But I do know some other online sellers weigh, picture and assign a number to every disc so that the buyer know exactly what they’re getting. Granted that sounds like a lot of work! I do like ordering direct from Latitude; and where I live some of the disc models are sometimes hard to find in shops. However, I’m becoming a bit more hesitant to order from a 5-gram weight range and not really knowing what I’ll get. So I just wanted to drop that into your in-house Comments Box for your consideration. And I’ll always consider your products as the best there are!
Thank you,
Pete Thayer
Boothbay, ME