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Flexfit® Snapback Cap
Kevin B.F. (Oslo, NO)

Flexfit® Snapback Cap

Gold Orbit Pure - Kristin Tattar 2023 European Champion

Old man

This is good tool for 66 old man :)

Grand Orbit Grace - Kristin Tattar 2023 World Champion

When I first saw the discs online, then I leaned heavily towards the pink-turquoise one, but when I finally received the box with all the colorways, then all of them actually looked amazing in person! Grace is my go-to distance driver, so would recommend 100% to anyone :)

Throw 800 ft

Just kidding. I bought this so KT would sign it at the USWDGC. It will never see grass. Latitude 64 (Sweden) sent it quick and communicated well.

Grand Orbit Grace - Kristin Tattar 2023 World Champion

Grand Orbit Grace - Kristin Tattar 2023 World Champion

Love It!

Love this disc!

The Greatness of the Grace

Absolutely stunning disc...visually speaking. I'm having to buy another at a retailer here in Kansas City because the one I purchased on line is on display next to my other Kristin Tattar wins😊.
The Grace is my go to distance forehand disc and is a very consistent flyer on my back hand (even with my slower arm speed).
All in all I can't say enough about this disc.
Well done Latitude 64...and here's to many more Kristin Tattar championships!

VIP-Ice Orbit Warship
McClellan (Seattle, US)
Fly Warship fly

This disc, though more stable than the VIP plastic, flies forever. Great off the tee in wooded courses. Love the grip and feel.
It’s also one of the more beautiful discs in my bag.

ProBasket Go
Timmy J. (Stockholm, SE)
ProBasket Go

Smidig att flytta och tar inte speciellt mycket plats när den är ihopvikt. Lite otymplig att bära möjligtvis men det är det värt för dubbla rader av kedjor


Great flight. Less overstable than last year, more like first run feel. Definitely going in the bag

KK Grace

Beautiful disc that flies great. I prefer the domes ones so when they beat in they have the extra late turn with glide. If you don’t have this disc in the bag you are missing out.

Grand Orbit Grace - Kristin Tattar 2023 World Champion

Grand Orbit Grace - Kristin Tattar 2023 World Champion

Amazing Disc

First off this disc looks amazing. The plastic has a look that just shines. I did not want to throw it at first but it felt so good in my hand so I took it out to the field. First throw with the disc was my furthest of all time at 450+. This has to be one of my new favorite disc.

Gold Orbit Sapphire - Inverted Stamp
Marko A. (Upplands Vasby, SE)
Glide and feel

Sweet understable boomber, plastic has a soft nice feel. Great grafics.

Opto-Ice Trident
David (Asheville, US)
Love this disc forehand and backhand

One of my favorite and most thrown discs. Love how flat it is to grip both forehand and backhand. I hope they keep a steady stream of these in production. Opto Ice is nice plastic too.

Gold Claymore
Shane M. (Lancaster, US)

This has quickly become my favorite midrange. It holds any line, and it will turn over beautifully when I power grip the disc. I carry three in the bag. There isn’t a better straight flying midrange on the market!

Lucid Justice
Miro R. (Helsinki, FI)

EXTREMELY OVERSTABLE. Almost stupid overstable at first. More of an approach disc than a midrange honestly at first but once you start wearing it in just a little bit it gets a touch more workable (still really overstable tho). After years in my bag one has turned into a straight-to-stable midrange for my fforehand shots, however it will still never even attempt to turn even slightly. Just doesn't hook up as fast anymore. Really solid disc especially for forehanding as it can handle torque and headwind really well, also feels better with a forehand grip than a smaller diameter disc does imo.

Opto Air River
Jeff H. (Prescott, US)
Flys straight

The River is my go to disc for controlled distance. The River will hold any angle you start it off on. I’m right handed and use it on an Anhyzer to throw to a basket from left to right. It holds the line great! It’s a must have in my bag!

Opto Jade
Scott L. (Huntsville, US)

Great customer service !!

VIP Kids Longbowman
Nick J. (Foxborough, US)
Great disc

Flys straight then has a very predictable stable finish. Great for forehand flicks in the wind. Love this disc.

Grand Honor
Stefan S. (Eskilstuna, SE)

Grand Honor

Opto moonshine anchor

Stable midrange, has a good flight pattern with turn to the left. Holds a glow pretty well and definitely a nice looking disc!