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Project Grip Box
Mattias T. (Kristinehamn, SE)
Just wow

Project grip var över förväntan. Grip känslan var väldigt lagom. Inte för mycket och inte för lite. Tyckte att jag fick bättre spin på kasten då det gick väldigt rakt och långt! Färgen på Grace tyckte jag bäst om då det var lite genomskinligt. Pure var inte lika fin då den bara hade en färg

Zero gravity is where it’s at!!

Practice Bag

Does what it's supposed to. Looks great!

Love latitudes plastics, always feels good in my hand. I have a pure but it’s a softer plastic and because I’ve used it for so long it’s getting pretty worn in. Decided to get this one because the plastic is a little more durable and I love it so far, straightens flying putter in the market, would recommend

Disc Golf PVC Patch
Jan-Ove L. (Solna, SE)


DG Luxury E4 Backpack
T.K. (Gamagōri, JP)
Great bag!

I gave this bag to my son for his 10th birthday. My son was overjoyed.
This bag can hold lots of discs, support tools and lots of treats. The best thing is to stand steady.
Thank you for the great bag!

Grand Grace
Matt M. (Dallas, US)
Grace for 450’ shots

My son rips this thing 450’. It is his favorite distance driver. Now that he throws so far, when one is released poorly in the woods, it may never be found. So, I buy 6 packs of misprints, as I am tired of all my KT TS going missing. If you are developing your form and gaining distance, you should really give this disc a try. Either this or a Star Wraith, but the Grand plastic is just a notch above.

Opto Moonshine Bolt
Michael (Canberra, AU)
It’s a Bolt, only glow-ier

I’ve been playing with a Bolt for a while and I like how it flies for me. I’ve only done one 18-hole night round with the Moonshine version so far but it flies just like a I expect and it shines brightly in the dark while doing so.
I love watching discs flying at night. And this flies a long way (far enough to vanish on two hole for me).
It’s a Bolt. It glows. It flies far.

Lucid Air Trespass
Mama G. (Kingsville, US)
Just okay

Not my favorite

VIP-X Underworld
Robert H. (Nyköping, SE)

Tycker verkligen om den!
Utmärkt komplement till mina Diamond =).
Nu ska jag bara bli bättre på att hantera dem.

Refuge Backpack
David (San Jose, US)
What you expect for the price

Not a bad bag, but the handle started to tear after the first couple weeks of use. I can't really carry the bag using the handle anymore because I'm afraid it's going to tear completely. It's a little snug keeping three putters up top, but two comfortably. I don't carry more than 15 discs, anymore and you might have to jostle things around a bit more in the main compartment. I stuck a piece of velcro on the underside of the flap so I can fold the flap up while I'm using the bag. The side pocket could be much bigger, can't really store a jacket or anything more than a disc towel in there. It's a comfy backpack to carry and the base is sturdy as is the water bottle holder. I got the bag on sale and pretty much expect it to be at this quality. Contacted customer support about the torn handle, but never heard back. What do you expect for the price?

Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Chris (Feilding, NZ)
Decent water bottle

Great bottle and fits the bags well.
Just don't grab it by the cap holder as I broke mine.

Sense Savior
David (Black Mountain, US)
Sense version of Savior

I have the glow version from the Royal box. It's nice to have it in "base" plastic. Easier to grip to stick touchy approaches.

Opto Saint
Cody S. (Danville, US)
Great beginner disc

This is a great beginner disc!

Grand Grace
Cody S. (Danville, US)
Best driver

This is the best am driver period!

Opto Air Jade
Dan L. (Tampa, US)
Great lightweight fairway driver

Flies long and true for those with slower arm speed

Tournament Orbit Tursas
Frederick S. (Philadelphia, US)

Tournament Orbit Tursas

Not what the stats says, at all.

This version is less stable than my beat in halo destroyer. Read another review that said this is a 10 anniversary version problem. I mean I bought it because it would be a utility disc for me but it's not.

Opto Air Bolt
Michael T. (Norman, US)
Bolt Was A Jolt For Me

I’m 74 and my distance is less than average. Mostly I throw the Diamond and the Jade for distance. We’re talking 8 and 9 speeds. The Bolt is a 13 speed and I could actually get nice distance without it diving straight into the ground. I’m glad it’s in my bag. I will enjoy getting to know my Bolt.

Very good feel

Feels great im the hand. The plastic really gripy and nice.
Flies in the angel u put it in and holds it

Zero Medium Keystone
Dwayne K. (Edmonton, CA)
It works

I bought one when I was a deciding what putter to bag.
I now bag three Pures.
I didn’t find anything wrong with it and it works fine.
But the Pures seemed to be more comfortable and there is a wider range of plastic and styles to choose from. Which I know is a horrible reason , but someone.s marketing department is doing a good job.

Maybe the perfect overstable mid

I have been looking for something to replace my old trusty but bulky Drone on the overstable mid slot and oh boy, this could be it - and it feels so much better.

First I want to say this is a bit faster disc IMO and it flies easier further than an average stable speed 5 mid.

It always fades reliably to left but doesn't crash like a beefcake utility disc.

It is very controllable, can be thrown into anhyzer angle and it comes out smoothly, so no cut rollers here. You can get long S-curves out of it by throwing it a bit higher.

I didn't test it in strong winds but full power throw towards moderate headwind was no problem for it. It didn't show turn unlike many other 5/3/0/4 rated discs I tested simultaneously.

I will conclude by declaring it a truly overstable and highly controllable speed 5.5 mid, if that makes any sense.

Chameleon Hatchet

Great addition to my bag. Easy fairway driver. Definitely will be grabbing another one here shortly.

Opto Bite
Dwayne K. (Calgary, CA)
Finally a disc too slow for me.

Disc is made with nice plastic and is not shaped like a normal disc.

Definitely not a disc to be thrown with any speed. Can take a while to figure out how to throw it correctly.

I don’t have a dog so I can’t pretend it likes it.

Nice disc to have in the collection but unfortunately don’t throw it often.