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Gold Fury
Jan (Lüneburg, DE)
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Reliably understable. Beginner bomber or roller.

Opto Fuse
Kelli M. (Mesick, US)

Opto Fuse

Refuge Backpack
Hitomi.S (Kasukabe, JP)


Gold Decodye Diamond
Klippen (Fagervik, SE)
A great driver

Got one in cheaper plastic before. Bought to more where one is full weight to see the difference in flight.

Grand Strive
G.E. (Linköping, SE)
Big distance but a bit flippy

I think it feels slightly more understable than the numbers indicate

The perfect 40+ driver

Grand Brave
Andreas J. (Gothenburg, SE)
More stable River

A bit more stable than a River and inte Royal plastic so it feels amazing

Gold Orbit Explorer

Very straight flight, just a slight flip but handles power well.

Grand Brave

Awesome fairway driver. Super reliable and straight flyer

Grand Hope

Dope color and all around great disc

Grand Trust

I love the disc as a whole, don't regret it at all.

Flexfit® Baseball Cap
Joel T. (Tullinge, SE)

Flexfit® Baseball Cap

Grand Brave
Fredd J. (Trondheim, NO)
More flippy than the stats suggest

Very good disc, but for a normal to advanced player, the -1 understabilty stats is wrong!

Grand Strive
Zach S. (Long Beach, US)
Flippier than the Prototype

I received one of the Strive prototypes in the Royal box last year, and it immediately became my go-to distance driver. For my arm, I could comfortably rip it flat in neutral/tail wind conditions, and reliably expect some slight turn, and 380-400ft on a full flight. The 13/5/-1/3 flight numbers were spot on for the prototype I had.

Unfortunately, it caught a branch and rolled into a lake, never to be seen again. I've been patiently waiting for the production run, and immediately bought 5 of these once they were released.

These... are not the same. They are flippy. Almost hilariously so, in comparison to the prototype I had. My first couple throws turned hard and never fought back. I want to love them - Royal plastic is amazing, and I loved that prototype soooo much. But, I'd rate the two discs I've thrown so far closer to 13/5/-2/2 (maybe even -2.5?). Unfortunately, not what I was looking for.

For additional context, I bag a number of Grace's in varying stability levels, and the two new Strive's I've thrown, straight out of the box, are as flippy, if not more, than my year old, most beat-in and flippy, Grace.

The plastic is still amazing and feels perfect in the hand. If you're looking for a slightly touchy, hyzer-flip bomber, this disc could be great for you. If you have a prototype and want more of the same, you'll likely be disappointed.

VIP Warship
E.S (Kalmar, SE)
Trevlig disk

Köpte en 172-gramsversion och för mig som nybörjare med i övrigt mycket lättare diskar är det en helt ny känsla. Disken gör det den ska men det tar nog lite tid för mig innan jag blir helt bekväm med vikten. Den får en fyra eftersom det inte är diskens fel att jag har valt en "tyngre" variant.

Opto Air Maul
E.S (Kalmar, SE)
Bra disk att växa i

Jag kastar nog 60-70 meter som längst. Vikten är perfekt för mig som nybörjare. Den kommer att vara nyttig även när jag får mer fart på kasten och kan nog gå rakt även vid något längre kast. Den tycks även tåla en och annan trädträff. =)

Grand Strive
Filip (Bydgoszcz, PL)
Most flippy distance driver with -1/3 i ever tried.

Statistics are misleading on this one. Im around 120-130m distance guy and strive for me is really flippy. I can only throw it on huge tailwind or very severe hyzer angle if i want to throw with power.

For me its really similar to Opto Air Havoc. I would give it 13/5/-2/2 stats, really comfortable in hand, really flippy. Good roller disc/sky anhyzer.

Disc Golf Set
Chris (Miami, US)
Starter/re-starter set

These are a great set for learning or to relearn throwing.
(Went from side arm to backhand)
With my other disks I couldn't get any distant and more import accuracy. This set fits the bill, plus has room to grown in.

Grand Brave
Raimo W. (Gothenburg, SE)

Grand Brave

Core Backpack
Chris (Canton, US)
Core backpack

After watching Jonathans review of all you bags, I decided on the Core. Its very well built and fits a lot of stuff, not to mention its very comfortable to carry. Also the flight numbers are dead on, 53/1/-2/0... : )

Thanks to everyone at Latitude 64 for making disk golf fun again!

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the review.
I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying the Core Backpack! :)

Grand Orbit Grace - Kristin Tattar Grand Slam Edition

Best buy yet. I bag a grand orbit grace normally, but this purchase was signed. Super special pride of place in the house. Thanks Latitude 64

Love this. Slightly over stable can skip or spike hyzer, great flight. Has become a regular in the bag for short holes and approaches.

Fantastic disc. Great plastic and flys true to numbers

Beanie Wind
Mark H. (Leicester, US)

Beanie Wind

Supreme Emac Truth - First Run
Sean M. (Fort Collins, US)

Super perfect for 250-300' shots where you need a stable boy to hook around the trees and nuzzle up to the bucket. Made 3 birdies today using it. Great disc. Gonna probably replace my Method.

Hi Sean,

Great to hear that you are enjoying the Supreme Emac Truth - First Run.
Nice job with the birdies! :)