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Based on 4595 reviews
Like this

This disc throwing always fades back

Very good overstable mid

This disc is very overstable and transparent, use it most for forehand with anhyzer release and comes back to the right.

Grand Rive - Kristin Tattar Grand Slam Edition
Christian H. (Västerås, SE)
Amazingly beautiful

So good looking, havent thrown it yet though. Tattar series is amazing

The disc looks amazing! Kristin signing it makes it that much better! Thank you so much.

Grand Orbit Grace - Kristin Tattar Grand Slam Edition

Opto Compass
Aaron S. (Pawtucket, US)
Point and Shoot

Perfect disc for straight and tight tunnel shots. Really love the feel of the opto plastic in my hand, nice clean release.

Hi Aaron,

Thank you for the review.
I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying the Opto Compass. :)

Opto Diamond
Dwayne K. (Edmonton, CA)
Thanks Frida 😊

Got my purple Diamond signed by Frida today.

I don’t even throw regular Diamknds 😂.
+170 Carat Diamonds are usually my fairway drivers I use the most.

Thanks again to Frida and everyone at Latitude 64 for their excellent customer service and discs!

Hey Dwayne,

Thank you for the review and your kind words. :)
Hope you'll enjoy the Diamond even though you might not throw it much. :D

Grand Orbit Grace - Kristin Tattar 2023 World Champion

Core Pro E2 Backpack
Andrew R. (Invercargill, NZ)
Core Pro E2

This bag was exactly what I was after
Holds everything that you need on the course and in a tournament situation
Highly recommend this product
Also I was so impressed with the delivery time to the other side of the world, New Zealand only 5 days

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for the review.

Great to hear that you are happy with the Core Pro E2 Backpack and the delivery time as well. :)


Opto Pearl
KSOriti (Seattle, US)
"Panda Pearl" for the Win!

I absolutely love my trusty Opto Pearls as my go-to mid-range. It flies exactly how I want it to and performs admirably under the stress of a tournament.

Most versatile putter!

Absolutely stoked to receive another Opto Moonshine Pure. One is never enough! This time signed by the one and only! Shoutout to Frida in customer service for helping out and the kind words.

Hey Robert,

Thank you for the review.
I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying this signed version of the Opto Moonshine Pure. :)

Thank you so much for the shoutout to me as well! :D

Grand Grace
Latti-J (Sioux Falls, US)
Best Driver, Best Plastic

The Grace is hands down my go to driver. Royal Grand is the best feeling plastic on the market. Put them together and you get a crowning technological achievement for the betterment of all mankind.

My recommendation is that you pick up a Royal Grand Grace and let it take your disc golf game to a whole new level. While you’re ordering, might as well grab 2 and a Royal Sense Dagger. Good luck out there!!

Hey Latti-J,

Thanks for the review.
Great to hear that you are enjoying the Grand Grace. :)


This is an amazing disc. At the moment my favorite. This year is my second year playing disc golf and I use it 80+% of tee shots. As I love this disc so much so I ordered a second one if something happens to my first one :)

Hello Edgars,

Thank you for the review.
Great to hear that you are enjoying the Saint Pro. :)


Great as always

Great beginner disc but also great for advanced players.

Hello Julia,

Thank you for the review. Great to hear that you are enjoying the Diamond. :)


Opto-Ice Orbit Diamond
James C. (Sheridan, US)

Opto-Ice Orbit Diamond

VIP-X Underworld
Mojje (Bålsta, SE)
Stable understable disc?

Use to have a Underworld in my bag but "misplaced" it in the woods.
Bought a new one in VIP-X plastics. This one is some other animal, very doomy with a pop top. Does not fly acording to the numbers. Flyes more lika an Explorer or Saint??

Hello Mojje,

Thank you for the review.

I'm sorry to hear that you are not happy with this VIP-X Underworld.
You could always try an Underworld in a different type of plastic and that might suit you better.

Best Regards,

Grand Savior
Mojje (Bålsta, SE)
Reliable over stable mid

Bought this as a complement to Harp Glow. Thought that they would be rather simular (looking at the numbers). But Savior are more overstable with a distinct fade at the end.

Best putters on the market

Opto Bite
Simon (Lidköping, SE)

Perfekt till hunden

Fling it Baby!

Overstable fairway driver that I can really get behind.

Opto Pearl
Sarah M. (Stillwater, US)
My favorite little Panda

I was in need of an understable approach disc for my bag, something to help me get out of tight spots on my home course that is heavily wooded. This disc has surpassed my expectations. Very comfortable to throw/flick in tight spots, and the Opto plastic looks and feels great!

Hello Sarah,

Thank you for the review.

Great to hear that the Opto Pearl managed to surpass your expectations. :)

Opto-Ice Orbit Pure
Anders S. (Kalix, SE)

Opto-Ice Orbit Pure

Supreme Emac Truth - First Run
Calixto G. (Portugalete, ES)
A different Emac!

I love the feeling of the Supreme-Grand plastic!
I love the feel in the hand better than the similar Trust.
I love the flight: slightly more turn that the Opto Emac Truth but consisten fade at the end (it’s still not beaten in, so I don’t know if it will last).
I don’t specially agree on the flight numbers: I thought it was going to be an intermediate in stability between Opto Emac Truth and Verdict but it doesn’t feel like this: I’d call it more a 5 5 -0.5 2 ( a bit like a shorter Saint Pro, which I adore ).


The fastest flying, high glide workable hyzerflip disc. Comfy feel in the hand, can shape soooooooo many lines. It will forever be a staple in my bag

Too early to tell but amazing quality