Opto-X Stiletto (6918861062209)
Opto-X Stiletto (6918861062209)

Opto-X Stiletto

3 Glide
0.5 Turn
5 Fade
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Overstable! That’s the main word when describing the Stiletto. And that is OVERSTABLE with a capital everything. The Stiletto was designed based on feedback from pro disc golfers who wanted a disc so overstable that it could hold up to anything. When you are standing on the tee and the wind roars in your face, you will be relieved to find this disc in your bag. It cuts the air like a knife, flies fast and you know which way it is heading. When the storms are gathering – trust the Stiletto.


Speed: 13 | Glide: 3 | Turn: 0.5 | Fade: 5

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dereck K. (Longview, US)
Stilleto- Far-straight, reliable fade.

The Stilleto is fantastic, it throws straight and far with DEFINITE fade at the end. The Stilleto feels great to throw and is my main driver. I take issue with advertising, however, it is advertised like it's beefy as ever, but if you want to most overstable driver at 13 speed- enter the Adder.. The Stilleto can go 400+ feet on a left to right wind and fade at the end.. The Adder, it isn't getting that far before fading, not without reaching back into last week with your long hulk arms and launching that thing harder than the Challenger Shuttle.

Thanks for the review, we appreciate your feedback.

Have a great day.

Ville R. (Tampere, FI)

Opto-X Stiletto

Ian F. (Santa Barbara, US)
Finally, something truly predictable

This is now my official "go to" disc. I plan on buying several in case it gets discontinued for any reason...

Mattie K. (Dallas, US)
Replacing Husbands Old One

My husband loves his Stiletto and mentioned he needed a new one a couple times. I acted like a brushed it off and got him this for his birthday. I gave it to him right before we played a birthday round. He was so excited and loves it. Flies beautifully. He also said he loves the plastic on it. Also, even though we had it shipped from Sweden to the states, it only took a week or less to get here. That’s a big plus!

Seth P. (Seattle, US)
The overstable disc of your dreams

This plastic seems more like opto ice and it is perfect. Tested against the first run opto-x and this is not as overstable but much more useful for filling a wide gap in my bag. Absolutely love this disc.