Opto Bite (2024619835461)
Opto Bite (2024619835461)
Opto Bite (2024619835461)
Opto Bite (2024619835461)
Opto Bite (2024619835461)
Opto Bite (2024619835461)
Opto Bite (2024619835461)

Opto Bite

7 Glide
-1 Turn
0 Fade
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Do you want a dog disc that can take a beating? Look no further. The Bite is the latest in dog disc technology to hit the canine sports arena. Using experience from production of the World’s premiere disc golf products, Latitude 64° has developed the Bite to all dogs and dog owners in need of a disc that can handle a beating. A reliable neutral flight, combined with puncture resistant material has deeply impressed Latitude 64's test panel. Try it out yourself and prepare to be amazed!

Bite is made from an ultra-strong, non-toxic, FDA approved, pet-safe material used for many high performance and high stress products. In fact, its most often used by medical device companies.

Weight: Approximately 150-160g.

Stamp colors may vary.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Kent S. (Bigfork, US)
Very durable, and an interesting flight

My German shepherd has tried hard to make holes in this disc with no luck. It's definitely the most durable dog disc I've ever had. The only problem is that my dog has a prominent overbite, so he has a hard time picking it up if it's lying flat.

The flight is pretty understable with any amount of power applied, but it would be a great beginner golf disc for lower arm speeds. I disagree with the other review comparing it to the Glitch - the Bite is way more understable. That's okay though! It's marketed as a throw-and-catch disc, not a golf disc even though it is PDGA approved.

Because of the low speed and understability, it's a great disc to throw at a dog park without fear of launching it too far or hurting someone. Even on the best hyzer flips I struggle to hit 250ft with it. Thrown flat, it can easily be turned over into extremely controllable rollers. My dog absolutely loves it, and it's easy to throw such that he gets to it before it stops moving.

Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear that your German shepherd loves the discs and has trouble breaking the Opto Bite.

Have a great day!

Anonymous (Tallinn, EE)
My German shepherd likes it a lot

My German Shepherd dog is male and likes this bite toy disc very much, in fact so much where it's hard for me to get it back from him.

I don't let my dog bite it when he's sitting down and just wants to bite it. I'm worried he might bite through even though it's durable as far as I have seen when he has tried to break it.

Nonetheless, I like this toy and my dog likes it. I'm happy that he's running more now and feeling more happy when I'm playing with him.

Tor S.T. (Oslo, NO)
The perfect dog Frisbee!

My dog have destroyed more Frisbees than I can remember.
The Bite is way more durable, and it glides like a proper disc!
So now I wish L64 could make a dog version of my favorite midrange. The River 😉

Richard G. (Delaware, US)
It’s a cheat code

I love the bite. Closest comparison would be an MVP Glitch flight wise, but with an OG catch disc feel. The lines you can carve, and the glide will absolutely cut strokes off you approach shots and allow you to run at longer circle 2+ putts. Highly recommend

Michael M. (Crestone, US)
Smooth sale, awesome discs!

Thank you!